Join Croatia Yacht Club for our one week sailing course!

Sign up for our one week sailing course in Croatia and start experiencing new cultures, wonderful environments, including dolphins, local cuisine and adventures that can only be had on a sailboat in the Adriatic sea. Croatia Yacht Club offers a week of charter sailing combined with an educational course lead by our own experienced skippers and teachers. We will guide you towards the big step of chartering your own sailboat alone, or with family and friends. Our skippers and teachers have many years of experience in charter sailing and have the necessary training for educating others. We reserve the right to change the departure marina depending where the yacht is located. 

All this includes: Part in cabin, port fees, diesel, skipper, breakfast and lunch six days.

During the week we will learn about the following aspects (among others):

• The different parts of the boat, the motor and the sails.
• The different sailing techniques
• Docking and maneuvering the boat
• Navigating
• Knots
• How to avoid a collision
• Anchoring and mooring
• Fundamental safety on board


Minimum number of participants for sailing course and sailboat cruise is 6 participants. Merging of sailing course and sailboat cruise can occur at too few registered participants.

Daily program

Daily Program

  • First we wake up with a morning dip or shower, then we check the weather prognosis via VHF or the weather information at the marina office.
  • While enjoying breakfast we plan the sailing schedule for the day. The previous day's skipper will control that the boat is ready for the day's sailing and then take us out to sea and set sail. Navigating, sail trimming and outlook are just a few of the activities you will take part in on board. The person on watch will of course also get a chance to relax.
  • Lunch usually take place in a marina or small bay.
  • We will take turns preparing meals and doing dishes. If we are at port then we will do some supplementary shopping for food and drink items, if needed.
  • During the afternoon sailing the next group will then take over the responsibilities of sailing us safely to the next destination. We will practice navigating with plotter and sea charts.
  • After a delicious dinner we will then begin with the theory section. We work from the latest educational material and practice with help of local sea charts.
  • The skipper will have a lecture and afterwards we will discuss the day's sailing and share feedback. During the week we will sail between different ports in the beautiful Croatian archipelago.
  • We will then spend the evening in a natural bay or a marina for a calm and peaceful night's sleep.