Sailing packages in Croatia

Croatia Yacht Club is perfect for those wanting to book a complete sailing holiday in one place. We offer every aspect of the trip you need, including airfare, sailboat rental, optional skipper/hostess, and round-trip airport transfer.

Croatia Yacht Club offers flights to Split and starting in 2012 we will also be introducing flights to Zadar. A complete sailing package including airfare, boat and transfer is what most customers prefer due to ease and comfort.  

Sailing in Croatia is just one out of many exciting experiences that the country provides. If you are interested in booking your next sailing holiday in Croatia, book a reservation with us today!

Our guiding principle is that each and every customer will have an unparalleled holiday experience. Whether you're looking to sail on your own or are looking for a yacht charter in Croatia, we provide you with what you're looking for in a complete sailing holiday. This means maximum safety with optimal comfort and service. In other words, an enjoyable, carefree vacation!

We carefully select the partners we work with and protect our guests by providing the proper travel guarantees, in accordance to government regulations.  

Croatia Yacht Club is part of the "Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel" group, which has been organizing active, lifestyle travel around the world since the 1960's.

You are welcome to book your trip through us online or by phone (+46 31 711 7202).