Fly to Croatia with Croatia Yacht Club and SAS

By booking flights through us, both your safety and comfort for the trip are ensured. We only work with SAS direct flights departing from Stockholm and Gothenburg with destination Split, Croatia. The flights depart between 06:35 and 08:00 on Saturday morning, depending on the place of departure, and then fly directly to Split.

We arrange your entire travel package - all for your convenience!

By booking your entire trip through us you ensure that your trip will be most convenient imaginable. The flights we work with are well-balanced so that you as a guest get as smooth a journey as possible from your departure from your airport to your departure for your week in the Croatian archipelago.

The day of arrival will look as follows for you and your fellow travelers

Between 06:35 and 08:00 your flight departs from Sweden and you arrive in Split approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes later. There, our staff will meet you and make sure you come to the right marina with our own transfer. Once in the Marina, you visit our or our partner's office according to the instructions you received at the airport but which are also in the travel information you received before departure.

Once in place, you will then receive information about when your boat will be ready, no later than 17:00, but usually significantly earlier. While you wait for your boat, it usually suits you for lunch in the marina's restaurant or why not get to the nearby village, explore it and eat there.

When you have access to your boat in the afternoon, the easiest thing is that the skipper on board goes through the boat in peace and quiet with our staff while the other crew buys food etc. When this is done it is time for sailing and we wish you a fantastic week

SAS Eurobonus

You always have the opportunity to register your Eurobonus cards when you book flights via us. This is done on site at the respective airport upon check-in. You can also register your bonus points if you choose to check in online, which makes your journey even smoother.

The Package Travel Act - Security

If you as a customer book both a boat and a flight with us, you are covered by the Package Travel Act. This means that we as a tour operator are responsible for your entire journey ie. flights, transfers and boats. More information about the package travel law can be found HERE.