Sailing in Croatia is like sailing in paradise.

The Croatian coast is long and lobed, containing more than 1,185 islands, hiding a plethora of beautiful lagoons, cozy beaches, secluded caves and much more. It means effortless sailing with crystal-clear sea and gorgeous sightseeing.

Favorable weather conditions enhance the truly unique experience of sailing in Croatia, which also happens to be one of Europe's sunniest countries with over 2,700 hours of sun per year. The winds are perfect for sailing from April to November and there are plenty of ports, along with wind-sheltered coves and bays, to keep you safe in case of bad weather. In other words, Croatia is the perfect destination for your sailing holiday

The secret lies in the country's slogan "Where the Mediterranean is as it once was", which means genuine, rustic and unspoiled. Cozy, small villages pop out along the coast, each with their own special attribute and each with their own touch of ancient Greece, Rome and Venice.

The Croatian hospitality and cuisine are wonderful. Croatians enjoy inviting people along for activities, meals and drinks, all without anyone trying to persuade you or lure you. In Croatia, you can enjoy your holiday on your own terms. The cuisine mostly consists of delicious, tantalizing seafood and other healthy meals which are perfect for the weight-conscious.

At Croatia Yacht Club, we are experts on Croatia. Our competent team has 25 years of experience in sailing excursions in Croatia. We will be happy to provide you with helpful tips and advice, whether it's Croatia yacht charter, sailing routes, destinations or bases, etc. On our website you will find inspiration and help for planning your Croatia sailing adventure!

Charter a Yacht in Croatia

Have you ever dreamed of sailing your own sailboat? If you’ve heard stories of those who have gone sailing, then you’ve likely heard about Croatia. Croatia is known for having pleasant sailing conditions, which makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Consider Croatia sailing for your next trip. ....Read more »

Sailing packages in Croatia

Croatia Yacht Club is perfect for those wanting to book a complete sailing holiday in one place. We offer every aspect of the trip you need, including airfare, sailboat rental, optional skipper/hostess, and round-trip airport transfer.
Croatia Yacht Club offers flights to Split and starting in 2012 we will also be introducing flights to Zadar. ....Read more »

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Booking of ports: We recommend that you book ports and restaurants a few days in advance so that you can ....Read more »